Friday, January 20, 2012

My husband's birthday cupcake

We have rapid fire birthdays right after New Years. My husband's is first (Jan.), then Maddie's (Feb), my mother's (Feb.), mine is St. Patrick's Day!  Then my other daughter was born on April 4th.  So by the first week in April we have all eaten a lot of birthday cake.  Oh, there's nothing wrong with that. But deciding  the right cake for my husband this week was not easy.  My girls think their dad is "m-anorexic" because no matter what he eats, he just stays super skinny.  He'd weigh more if he just put his food in his pockets.  Being 6" 4" plays it's own illusion on his appearance,  he looks like he's been stretched.  I think that's how he got his nickname "Bean"... as in ...S-t-r-i-n-g-b-e-a-n.  Although I'm not sure because that name goes way back before me. He doesn't eat many sweets ever unless it's ice cream.  And he would never admit to emptying the ice cream container or sticking his head in the freezer trying to find more of the cold creamy stuff. But, it's true. I've witnessed this.  That being said, he is a savory kind of guy.  Give him a sandwich for dessert and he's happy.  Hmmm?  I was stumped on what to make for his birthday cupcake.  I quickly texted, and got a response from Isabel.  "Make him the one with the raspberry, he loves raspberries."  Why didn't I think of that?  So, that's what I made.  This cupcake has got to be one of the "BEST" combinations ever.  Pairs very nicely with wine too.  This is a super-moist, chocolate-java cake.  I place one maraschino cherry  in the baking cup.  I think that's why it is sooooo moist.  I topped  with a hybrid buttercream, that's really like mousse. White chocolate curls and a fresh berry.  Simply divine.  He said, "this is really good".   I'll take that.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Bill! The cupcake looks yummy - mmmm!!!

- Janet

Anonymous said...

I just ate one for breakfast. YUM YUM YUM!