Monday, February 13, 2012

Dartmouth Cupcake

Nice to see they have a sense of humor at Bill's alma mater, Dartmouth.  We have at least one daughter who insists on Dartmouth as her choice of higher education.  I think Bill is impressed and honored, of course, with Maddie's conviction.   Time will tell, getting into the Big Green is no piece of cake. Fifteen years ago we almost got an award for the alumni parent with the youngest child.  Maddie was about 4 months old, not going to tell you how old we were, but it was a reunion for Tuck class of 72.  Dubious distinction don't you think? Some other baby beat us by about 2 weeks. I guess it kept Maddie out of the record books then, but maybe she'll make her mark in a few years.  As for the current state of reunion affairs, my husband, along with a few friends Fuzzy & Mr. Musser,  is busy planning the 2012 June event....I sense swirling calculations of how many ounces are in a liter.  Have fun boys!

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