Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter, and baseball and Proms...Oh my!

Such a busy time for everyone!  
April 6th- Good Friday, no trading.
April 8th, Easter Sunday 
April 13th Redsox home opener against the Rays at 2:05 pm. 
April 16-20th - Spring Recess
April 30th  Junior Class Auction - Marblehead High School

Specialty Easter Cupcakes! 
Order now......For April 8th

Hummingbird Cake; such a happy sounding cake.  Spring!  Little birdies! Fluttering wings!  I decided to find out where and why this yummy cake has it's name.  My research on the web didn't lead me to the perfect answer and it left me wanting a more romantic origin.

 It does seem likely this sugary and rich cake could give nectar suitable for a Hummingbird's palate. But alas I discovered  the recipe gained widespread popularity after it appeared in the February 1978 issue of Southern Living Magazine.  The recipe was submitted by a southern lady named Mrs. Wiggins of Greensboro North Carolina.  After trial and error, I have my own recipe.
I also found another theory;  some say that the cake is so delicious it makes you hum with happiness.  I know a few family members who hum when I serve them something special.  So, I can relate to that explanation.  Another plausible reason is that people hover around the cake like hummingbirds hover around a flower.  (I'm not buying this one.)
My romantic, fictional version of how the hummingbird cake achieved it's name:   I have visions of banana groves, sugarcane, and pineapple.  I have a vision of a cook who watched the humming bird from her kitchen each day as it danced mid-flight to capture the nectar of the flower. Longing for the satisfaction of nature the cook decided to create something that even a hummingbird would love. After whipping up her edible delite, she garnished it with Hybiscus and sure enough the hummingbirds came.
This cake is nicely moist aided by banana and pineapple.  It also is true that this cake is so rich it needs to be served in small portions.  Perfect....a cupcake!
I tried it 2 ways.  One, with a slightly chocolate cream cheese butter cream, and second with a lemon buttercream.  The lemon brightened all the flavors!  It's topped with toasted coconut and Cadbury chocolate-coated eggs.

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