Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommies like lemon cupcakes!

Lemon cake topped with a hybrid lemon butter cream, lemon curd and a fresh berry - Mother's Day 

For all the Dads who are not very proactive on Mother's Day, allow Maddie's Bake Loft to bake it easy for you.  Kids can call and order these very special cupcakes!  This happens to be Isabel's favorite cupcake, although it has evolved a bit, it's still a lemon cupcake. What better day than Mother's Day is there to make my first born's favorite cupcake?   I've taken this cupcake to a higher level - pretty close to heaven.   The cake literally melts in your mouth,  the lemon curd is sweet, pungent and velvety,  and the butter cream is a light, chiffon-like mousse.    OMG got to have one!

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