Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pay it forward.

I'm just doing my part to pay it forward!  Remember the movie in 2000 with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and that young actor, Haley Joel Osment?

The concept of  "paying it forward" is to do a good deed and the beneficiary of the deed at some point returns an act of kindness to someone else. Very simple and very effective at making the world a better place.  Enter....Sweet Maddie's.   

There are many, very pretty and more exciting travel containers for my cupcakes. But from the get go,  I decided that green was the way to go. 

Paying it forward,

Brown Kraft Bakery Boxes
Brown Kraft Bakery Boxes are the natural way to carry and see your just baked cupcakes, pies, cookies, and treats. Most of these boxes are made with 100% Recycled Brown Kraft and all of them are 100% Compostable and Biodegradable.

All the window boxes are made with a crystal clear film called Enviro Safe Film. This is a FDA compliant polystyrene with a additive to make the film degrade when exposed to the elements in nature.
  • Our Natural Brown Kraft Bakery Boxes are made with SFI wood pulp (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)
  • Clear Cello type Windows show off your baked goods yet is made of Enviro Safe degradable film
  •  FDA Compliant for direct food contact

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