Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day after Christmas....clean up and out!

It's December 26th and I'm feeling quite logy and impossibly trying to prioritize my chores. In the wake of Christmas, rigor mortis and brain cramps is not a combination that induces accomplishment. Indeed, I realize it is my entire house that needs organizing not just the living room. Clear out the old and make way for the new. I love the line from rocker Hyndes, "what I can't carry, bury". For 2013 my mantra is going to be "what I can't carry, recycle!". I have an unofficial house rule that every time something new comes into the house (cough, cough, Christmas), something old and unused MUST exit, forever. It doesn't get moved to a storage closet, or the basement, or the black hole under the bed. Items must actually leave the house. As in... Ladies and gentleman...Elvis has left the building.

To toss or not to toss? This decision is trying for my teen age girls but they are able to cope mostly because they have out-grown their old stuff. For their father, my husband, and for many others it is a paralyzing task because old items have a value, sometimes sentimental. I simply become apoplectic and commence tossing the items closest to my hand. Mantra #2...I am not a hoarder.

A year after a major toss I'll find myself asking, "what happened to my lavender sweater, or that little box of socks, or those brightly flowered pants? In the Halloween box?" It's hard to remember. Do we really keep things too long? Or not long enough? I say get your unwanted and unused garments out the door. In the age of H&M disposable clothing, consumers are throwing away billions of pounds of old garments annually not fully understanding the implications of the throw away pile. Here are a few green alternatives for unwanted garments:
1. donate them to our local Magic Hat resale shop,
2. consign them to Rags to Riches -  41 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead
2. sell them online
3. do a swap night with friends....or
4. reduce your carbon footprint by taking recyclables to your local garment collection center where they will      be sorted and fashioned into new garments.

Hover and click the links below for more information.  Everyone wins.

Donate to the Marblehead School System

Marblehead consignment - Rags to Riches

Throw away clothes?

Innovations in reducing clothing trash

Find/list a drive near your location.

Buy/swap online.

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JuLee said...

Great ideas Shelly..I went on a "major" clean out in the fall, but still have more to go..must admit the both of us are somewhat "pack rats"
Happy New Year!