Monday, January 21, 2013

Cappuccino Cupcake Saves Football

Alertness?....A healthy dose of caffeine is in order or I'll be hitting the snooze button at half time.  You know what I'm saying, right? Well, I brewed some Starbucks french roast at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday (and baked cappuccino cupcakes). Love dark roast. Drink up! Gonna be a long night. Pumped and caffeinated, I listened to the Patriots vs. Ravens pre-game show at 5:30 and prepped dinner.  Boomer Esiason , a class mate of mine, appeared a little underwhelmed with the conversation.  I think he needed a cappuccino cupcake too.   At 6:30, I was free to firmly plant myself on the sofa.  Poised with strawberry daiquiri in hand, and comfy, I was set to watch my team trample the Ravens.  NOT.

I grew up just south of Baltimore. The University of Maryland is my alma mater. And, the inner harbor is my old stomping ground....I think that gives plausible grounds for fan conversion for February 3. About two weeks ago, my college roomie emailed a cryptic message - "Just booked air for NO."  Huh? Oh.... Suckahhhh. She thinks they're going to win.

Today I eat crow...ohhh....wrong phrase. It was a bird victory.

I actually attended a few NFL games way back when Baltimore had the Colts. Yes, college kids could afford to buy tickets. We parked in the city for free, and walked to the tired stadium. Yowzer...that makes me feel ancient. Anyone know Bert Jones? I sure as heck don't remember him (I know Johnny Unitas though) Jones was the QB for the Colts when they absconded by darkness March 29, 1984. Below is one, sad photo of the rented Mayflower moving van, full of Colts equipment, pulling out of the Colts Complex in Owings Mill, MD. Dark, snowy and scandalous. Baltimore Colts were no more! Photo appeared the next day in the Baltimore Sun.  No one wanted to believe it.  Fans were crestfallen.
( Baltimore Sun photo by Lloyd Pearson / March 29, 1984 )

Twelve years later, 1996, enter Cleveland Browns as a new franchise in Baltimore. Renamed after Edgar Allen Poe's - The Raven. Scary poem. The gist: purple curtains rustling, an ebony bird pecks at the window of a bewildered, tormented man (the fans) who lost his love (the Colts). The bird enters and perches on a statue of the goddess of wisdom to preside over the in-a-funk dude. The bird's one word vocabulary drives him deeper into his own turmoil. The word: NEVERMORE.

Yep. Right now... I'm a Ravens fan. Sorry Tommy.  I won't say "NEVERMORE". Instead I'll say "proximo ano".


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