Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet Maddie...then and now. Happy Sweet 16!

Second child. Second girl. First in sweet-ness.  This is my daughter Maddie, an inspiration to me.

She is definitely one of those kids who inherently knows how to pay it forward.  She's a member of Best Buddie's at her high school. She earned her babysitting certificate when she was 12.  She helps seniors when they are a little wobbly.  Announced she needed to visit her grandmother for her 80th birthday. Makes sure her dog, Zsa Zsa, is taken care of and smells sweet and fluffy.

Funny little story:  Starting at about age 4, when she couldn't recall the right word, she would make one up.  I wish I had written them all down. They were fantastic!! Sounds like??....   Means?.....yet we would always know what she meant.  To this day she still has this funny little habit.  I know one day she will get a word into Websters!

She is a natural athlete in almost any thing she tries. 

Polar Dip in January when it was about 39 degrees and so was the water temp.  they froze but hot cocoa and blankets were waiting in the warm car.  Trouble is, it took hours to get the chill off!

 At the beach with Daddy.

She cherishes her friends. Loves to be silly. Has great hair. Can wear anything. Is very indecisive at times. Adores and tortures her older sister.  

MOST IMPORTANTLY, SHE LIKES TO BAKE WITH ME.   Thank you, Maddie, for having such
 "joiv de vive" !

Happy Birthday Sweet Maddie.  
Hugs and kisses and of course a special cake for YOU!

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