Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BAKED at Sweet Maddie's

I love to read blogs. But I know from experience that I dislike long, arduous, self-indulgent blogs for one simple reason. It takes too long to read them.  So in the essence of time, I like to paraphrase, edit, shorten and delete any and all fluff.  Longer is not better, shorter IS BETTER.  I started this blog as a tool for me to showcase what I love to do and simplify the ordering process.  Mission accomplished.

Pinterest, twitter, facebook, tumblr, flicker, instagram, etc.  You name it, I've tried it.  I must to say, I LOVE Pinterest.  My husband is continually saving newspaper clippings, magazine articles, little pieces of paper, folders, even magazines from the 80's. AAAACCCKKK!.  I say no thank you.

Get this clutter away.  

I like to go on the web and catalogue my findings.  Unfortunately many sites just eat my precious time,   #iwastetoomuchetime.  Twitter?  #monasroom.  Another time eater..... Instagram. Too many of the same old pictures.   What's that shopping one?  #iwantoneofthose.  It's crazy.

I heard someone say, "I am married to my iphone, but I still have a relationship with my pc and my tablet." Yep, that's me.  I do like to sit down and see a big screen once in a while.

Pinterest is my choice! <insert smile>  Between Blogger, Facebook and Pinterest  I definitely feel more organized. Yay.  No more paper folders for me. Love IT!

PS. Just in case you were wondering....this is me.

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