Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is vanilla sublime?

Seems like vanilla essence could be the scent of angels!  It is so delicate.  Orchids are hand pollinated.  Then, the beans are hand picked when they are still green. (This is so they don't crack open.)  The beans are soaked, wrapped and dried; this process that takes about six months.   So what arrives at my door in a little brown box are these luscious, fragrant, pliable stalks of goodness.... I can't wait to bake!

Thank you Beanilla!

I have been supplementing my vanilla extract with 4 vanilla beans per 16 oz. of extract. And, every time I scrape a bean for my cupcakes, I place the bean carcass in the vanilla extract bottle. Genius!  Deep, rich, vanilla flavor you can NOT get at your local grocery.

I guess you could call this the "secret" to my vanilla cupcakes. (Not so secret any more.) Vanilla enhances so many other flavors; strawberry, almond, coconut, chocolate, caramel etc.  Almost every baked good recipe I've guessed it!.....involves vanilla.

I am a purist. And, vanilla happens to be my personal, favorite flavor of all time.  Vanilla whipped cream, check.  Vanilla bean ice cream, check.  Vanilla pastry cream, check. Vanilla cupcakes, check.
Vanilla vodka, oh yeah.  Vanilla crepes, check.  You get the picture.  

I happened to find a supplier that "currently" offers free shipping on vanilla beans. (Free shipping does not apply to their other products.)

There's an assortment of beans on my bucket list.  For now, I stick with the Madagascar beans for my baking.  They are large, plump and impart the flavor that allows my cakes and cupcakes to shine.

Sublime? Definitely.

BEANILLA.....peruse exotic vanilla....currently offering free shipping on beans


Anonymous said...

Shelley, Wish you were at our luncheon to hear all the wonderful praises about the truly devine cupcakes you make for us. The room became abuzz as everyone savored every morsel of the heavenly sweet. Comments included..."Butter cream icing to die for", "a cupcake with delicious substance, not airy", "out of this world" and from a true sweet lover "never tasted anything so perfect". Quite a Hit! Beth

Shelley Anderson said...

Love to hear the enthusiam. Thanks Driftwood ladies!