Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cosmo Cupcake: adult version with Grand Marnier

Do you ever wonder what ingredients make up the yummy stuff you eat?  I do, ALL THE TIME. Thinking like a mad scientist, I can not sleep ....."gee, I really like this and difficult would it be to duplicate this at home?"  My secondary questions flow; "What's that flavor?  How is it so tender?  What gives it the creaminess? What makes it that color?  How much will it cost to buy all the ingredients?"

STOP right there.

And then...I question myself, "why bother when someone else can do it more easily and better than me."    This is always my dilemma.  Do I take on the challenge?  Yes!

Cupcakes can have a lot of steps and a long list of ingredients.  They're little cakes with big cake personalities.  So, I thought I'd share some visuals and ingredients for Sweet Maddie's cosmo cupcake.  Sort of a.... cupcake appreciation.

Cranberry-lime cake brushed with Grand Marnier, filled with lime curd
(they're not usually filled with curd but this one is),  and
topped with a cranberry-vanilla, swiss butter cream

First you need to zest one lime with a microplane.
Must have the right size scoop,  I use 7 different size scoops because different batters have
different densities and rising action.  Better use the right scoop!

Beat zest and sugar for a few minutes until the whole kitchen is fragrant of limes.

Into the oven we go...335 degrees convection.  Nice Cosmo pink.

Make the lime curd.
Stage two of the butter cream:  I have just heated eggs whites and sugar in a Bain Marie,all the while hand-whisking  until the candy thermometer read 165 degrees. Now it's
ready to be cooled/whipped for 7 minutes.

Voila meringue! After seven minutes of fluffing and it stays in the cage of the whisk, it's done.
Time to beat in the butter, vanilla and other flavoring.  whirrr, whirrr, whirrr..

Make the Cosmo for brushing the hollowed cupcake: 1 oz. cranberry concentrate, 1 oz. vodka,
 1/2  oz Triple Sec and the juice if 1/4 lime

Stencils for the candy melt martini glasses.
Supplies: baggy, icing tips for writing, parchment paper and sanding sugar.

Boxed and ribboned just for you 

Bake, make curd, make butter cream, core cakes, brush cakes, fill with curd, plug with core, brush more, pipe butter cream, place martini candy, box, ribbon.  Done.

ps. Most importantly, don't forget to drink the left over Cosmo.  Pour over ice.  I like to top it off with lime fizzie water to lighten it up a touch.  Ahh, refreshing!

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