Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cupcake Sizes

I personally love these tiny blossoms, good for a garden luncheon, right?  Tiny fondant decorations are a  really nice way to add a little color to your cake and be discreet and classic at the same time.  These are celebration cakes.  It's a cupcake.  It's a little cake.  It's a cupcake.  It's a personal cake.  This is the "dozen" size of Sweet Maddie's cupcakes - twelve in a box. These are best for special occasions or just a dinner at home.  These cake are convincing as a stand alone dessert.  Only coffee, milk,  or dessert wine needed.

I was in a local shop a few weeks ago and two customers were eyeing the refreshments provided by the proprietor. Enter.... my cupcakes.  One shopping lady asked the other, "Will you split one with me?"  The other replied, "Sure."

Well, I was a fly on the wall, and I watched shopping lady #1 bite into a simple vanilla/vanilla cupcake.  Her eyes lit up, she smiled, and then she said, "Never mind."  End of story.

That was a "peti-cake"; short for petite cupcake.  It was not a mini, it was not a muffin.  It's petite and perfect.  The bad news is....ya want to eat two of them! Split one?? Really?

It's difficult to visualize the difference between a 2.3 oz. and a 1.7 oz. cake, and even more difficult to describe.  So, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

One dozen single flavor Celebration cupcakes from Sweet Maddie's
Same box size as below

This is what a box of Peti-Cakes looks like.  24 in the box (same size box as above). Great for parties.  Single flavor/24.

Think about your event and how you will better serve your guests.  Celebration cupcakes are a single serving dessert.
 Peti- cakes may be eaten in quantities <smile> or served alongside other dessert items.

Celebration cakes 35.00 / dozen
Petite cakes $54 / 2 dozen

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