Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vacation Time...for the baker is over....

I'm back!
My preferred mode of transportation during the
Big Dig Marblehead Style.
Click Sweet Maddie's  Bakery to find us on Facebook.....Since returning from vacation (just a few days ago), I thought I'd show you some summer visuals of the non-foodie side, sort of.  My life is focused around family, shared meals, sports, the ocean, and the love of all things simple, fresh, and joyful. {ie: food is joyful.....right?}

Grill Master and assistant - Sweet Maddie

Cooling off.

Chocolate cake I made for my girlfriend.  It took forever to thaw even when it was 96 degrees outside!

@ Sand Dollar Cove.  Not the Best Picture. And, Maddie is way to fast for me...I missed the photo op on the jump

View from
"The Mooring" 

Alex eating her 7th dessert and loving it!  Love this kid!
Great year for Hydrangea
Our 6 am departure from Marblehead to Hot-Lanta!

Georgia Tech Stadium and a magnificent sky.
Giant Magnolia blossom at sorority at Georgia Tech.  Yes, I took this with my iphone!

Moving into the dorm room 8 a.m.
The surrogate parents.  

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