Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebration Cupcakes At Sweet Maddie's

Birthday, new job, new baby, house warming, anniversary....you name the event and I bet no one....wouldn't want a sweet treat!  Celebration dozens are 12 of the same cake, but color themes and toppings may be added to create a celebration in box.  Choose the "create your own" tab to view menu of cakes and butter creams. These cakes are slightly larger than the domestic pan size you may have at home;  not to big, not too small..... they are just right.   

Boxed with ribbon and card
This is a great way to dress up simple vanilla cupcakes. Add warm yellow and orange tones for fall.  Various toppings create a visually pleasing choice!  These happen to be vanilla cupcakes brushed with white chocolate ganache, topped with almond butter cream...sanding sugar, valhrona chocolate crispies, coconut, and shimmery little hearts.
 Happy Anniversary Jim and Lucy!

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