Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lemon Baby Shower Cupcakes With Swiss Buttercream

Hi everyone, 

This is such a nice time of year to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby.  Not too hot, not to cold.  It's wonderful to sit fireside, bundle baby, make comfort food, and snuggle.  It's been 16 years for me.  Now, I relive that joy by making treats for "mom-to-be" celebrations. Aka...the baby shower.

I used my ipad to take the photos this morning and I have a new app that doesn't accurately capture the colors. Some of these look a little washed out.  I also uploaded to Blogger from the ipad and have no control of their lateral placement. Hence, this blog is a little askew.  Soooorrry, no more time left. 

The jar lid was the inspiration for the decorative toppers - sage green and gray.  The  end product was so cute and sparkly. When I placed the finishing touches on the cakes, I said....Aaaahhhh!  That's exactly what I wanted.  

Prototype before morning assembly.  

Two dozen in one box for easy transportation.

Baby carriage complete with bubbles.

All moms know the "onesie" is your best friend.  And, your baby's way to keep warm under all those adorable clothes. (The tiny flower on the onesie replicates the design on the favor lid.)

At Sweet Maddie's the attention to detail is very important.  I like perfection and I like pretty. And...I also like Swiss buttercream.   Yum. 

So cute. So happy. And, ready to the tummy. 

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