Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pink Ribbon Cupcake Toppers for October

There are so many reasons to make a pretty cupcake, but this is the most dear and earnest reason of all. October, as most of you know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We have seen "pink" in our local environments, pink shoes in the NFL, pink jerseys on the soccer fields, pink in windows at the mall, and pink in other far reaching places. Check out this clever idea from Iceland....where the tire meets the road.  What brilliant mind conceived of this aerial view? 

These little cupcake toppers are so adorable and cheerful.  All you need is small ziplock baggie, some candy melts, and a #4 or #5  piping tip.  I made a stencil by downloading a simple clipart pic of the ribbon. Then, I used an excel spreadsheet to transfer about 40 equal sized ribbons on an 8 x10 piece of paper.  Next I covered the speadsheet with a piece of parchment paper and started piping. Once they were cooled, I brushed them with pink pearl dusting powder.   Perfectly PINK!

Here are some other ways to explore the ever changing meaning of pink.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit - Think-Pink

Four Seasons/The Bristol Lounge supports breast cancer at Mass General Hospital Cancer Center

Nascar goes pink

Love this one at

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