Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

What's baking for the 17th?   A Monday just doesn't seem like the right day of the week for celebrating with my favorite leprechaun. So let's just say  I'm baking and celebrating all week long. Sound good? 

Today starts the 7 day countdown. It's a blarney-ful, beautiful day today in Marblehead.  I can hear the bagpipes of my wedding some 18 years ago. I can hear the clash of The Drop Kick Murphys.  I can hear the snap of a Guinness can and the little widget fizzing around inside....the day is near. 

My "Pick" for St. Patrick's Day libation - Black Velvet:

While you're gathering the corned beef and cabbage for the market basket, don't forget to grab your Guinness and Champagne. This "how-to" video is perfect for the novice mixologist.  I confess that my daughter, Isabel, and I made our own video last year, pouring Black Velvet after Black Velvet....after Black Velvet.  We had this really tacky champagne flute left over from New Year's Eve and so, we used it.  It was completely apropo because the stem was a light up rainbow. {leprechauns ...rainbows?}   Silly I guess, let's move on.   

This guy is great and far more constructive than we were. Not to say we didn't have fun making our own video, we did. {insert hick-up} We went through several cans of Guinness and a bottle of champagne trying to get the separation of liquids just right. Hmmm, talk about blurred lines.     

Accents are killer when they're subtle like Johnny the bartender's brogue.  I must say, he woo-ed me. Yes, he woo-ed me. With this video.  Firstly he says..."you got to pour the cider".{champagne} Then he says, "this drink is very popular back in Ireland especially with the lady folk"... I like that..."lady folk".  

**Try it and have fun.  Remember to consume alcohol and macarons responsibly.**

Izzy's Black Velvet 2013 - upside down

chocolate ganache macarons

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