Friday, June 6, 2014

Apricot tart stress relief.

When I get stressed with a busy baking schedule,  it is critcal that I have all of the necessary components layed out in my work space.  Organization is always the key to success, right?   Watching the clock very closely, I look at my checklist: toppers, boxes, boards, recipes, ingredients,  aprons, chef coat, delivery schedule, mobile phone, etc.  Check, check and CHECK.   The one thing that I shouldn't consider is to crank up the oven and bake for myself.  But my greedy, little, whining  tastebuds prevail and  infringe on my time management.   "Just one thing for us,  pleeeeaase?" 

 Do I have time? 

YES!  I bake myself an apricot tart.  And, yes, I feel better.  My taste buds are happy. 

Before the oven

Done and cooling.


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