Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Season Raspberry Cupcake

Living beach-side teases my olfactory with lovely, summer scents; especially the scent of beach roses. Not very friendly because of it's gazillion thorns, the dense bush stands regal in glorious perfume.  For no good reason other than wanting to smell them all night long, I want to simply pitch a tent next to the rose patch.  

....beach rose and ocean air....evokes memories of summers past. 

Needless to say,  I decorate my cakes with them....a lot.   Walk along the east end of the Marblehead causeway in July or August  and the air is filled with the spicy scent of  sweet fruit, cinnamon, all spice, and nutmeg.... pure sweetness. It's amazing.  

White rosa rugosa  photo from http://www.pounsleyplants.com/

Fresh new flavor for summer:   Raspberry Rose, fresh  raspberry cupcake, brushed with white chocolate and fresh raspberry puree, vanilla bean buttercream, sprinkled with sweet and dried coconut, topped with a white sugar rose : rosa rugosa. Beautiful.

$40.00 dozen celebration size cupcakes - a single serving mini cake. 

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