Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Orientation Couldn't be Sweeter

Notes from the traveling
I know I'm not the first to discover Isabelle & Vincent Bakery.  The way I see it, the prospect of spending four years visiting a college student requires intel to get the best local comestibles.  So, my recon mission took precedence and the college orientation ensued. Lucky me. 

Unlike finding the best bread in Paris in the fuel station beneath my hotel, which was practically delivered warm, in a brown bag, and gently placed in a deep basket, and which I found by accident,  I used Siri today.  While I'm not in Paris,  this authentic French patisserie is in Fairfield, Connecticut.  Mouth watering, I stared at the goods and sheepishly listened to the bakers and chocolatiers through the glass half-wall.  Je ne comprends pas....really made me want to practice my language skills.

Anyway, the "Real" Sweet Maddie, aka Madeline will be spending the next few years at Fairfield University in the College of Nursing.  And, I will be visiting her and Isabelle & Vincent on a regular basis.  

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