Friday, February 17, 2017

2016 in Review

Sweet Maddie's  was closed for much of 2016.  Its been a year of reflection and decisions. The baking business in a Massachusetts Residential Kitchen can be an unpredictable 24/7 operation; so I decided to really enjoy the year as an empty-nester, revisit a few haunts, hang with some friends, and ponder the future.  That being said, here are just a few memorable moments from my year including places, food, sights, & people from Maryland to Maine.  I traveled around in the Baked Mobile with my old Cannodale in the cargo hold and my new Nikon in the passenger seat trying to capture the essence of this East Coast baker's favorites.  View my finds by clicking on the "blue" links for more information. 

I spy with my little eye...You know you're on the North Shore if the farm stands sells
 Skin-So-Soft AND tomatoes. Right? Lots to see in this photo. 

Harvest Moon  -  Marblehead Harbor

Warm peach Scones at the sustainable Birchwood, Camden Maine.

.Although sighted in Maine, click here for Maryland recipes.

  Silly photo op on the "drinking" boat - Appledore2,
Great crew.  Maddie and I had FUN. WindJammer Festival 2016

Sunrise from Castle Rock  Marblehead, my home town.
Castle Rock
My two college-age daughters have provided much of my inspiration for baking.  And I miss them beyond words.  I also truly miss the everyday sounds of baking;  the singing of the rotary mixers, whirring of the convection oven and of course Pandora.  So much "quiet" in my house now. I can hear the gentle, clickety-click of the dog's toenails as she saunters across oak floors.  I can actually hear the clocks ticking,  and the random hiccup of a passer-by as she walks past my window.  Some folks think silence is golden; in my case, NOT.  Makes me dream of a job where I get to see other humans and  have a conversation or two, and not have cocoa all over my face.  Dream on!


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